Hello fellow Bloodpact Bloggers!

This is just a maintenance post.  Ben Mathes asked me to remove him from the aggregator a while ago (so that he may journal more), and I just got around to doing it.

And in so doing, I got to wondering: does anyone else still really use this rss?

And after a smashing meal last night with several of the old ‘pact, I was also wondering in the complete opposite direction: does anyone want to go another round?  Either with the old grindmill once-a-day rules, or perhaps a more leisurely variant on the gruedorf rules?

4 thoughts on “Blogkeep”

  1. I still read the aggregator, and I’d really like another blood pact. I need an excuse to keep it up. How about three posts a week?

  2. I’d prefer the gruedorf model, which is one piece of work in any seven day period or else you are shaaaamed.

    We have neat widgets like this:

    (As you can see I’ve been losing for a month. It’s been a hell of a month ;( )

    The good news is, you get back into a state of grace as soon as you post again. There is no “win” in gruedorf, only “not losing” and “losing”.

    Don’t be a loser like I currently am. ;(

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