Turducken For Real Men Is Made Of Death

I feel like you live in “MANmerica” and I live in some pansy ass settlement within it

Collected writings of disease

A few things that’ve been percolating nicely in the drafts repository. It hurts where I LIVE You know you’re retarded sick when your eyes hurt. That’s right, retarded sick. I’ve been sleeping all day, my nose is stupid red, an entire roll of toilet paper is crumpled up into little wads next to my bed, […]

A simple question

If hurricanes always rotate in the same direction, how does a telephone work? Tobias Holy fuck I’ve never thought of it that way Ben …what ?

obnoxious and disliked!

I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace, two become a law firm, and three or more become a congress.

I feel so Brokencyde

They say there’s nothing new under the sun and in the normal walks of life and art, it’s true. But in certain cases it falls apart as little more than a flimsy, laughable tautology. There’s nothing new about art that’s so bad it invokes a combination of rage and laughter. The moral terror that accompanies […]

The system works!

Why are the watchmen overseers auditors scrutinizors eye-keeper-oners break-room-lunch-thieves still hungry?

high brow + low brow = awesome brow

  jonas:  There was a young fellow named Rex, With exceeding small organs of sex When charged with exposure, He replied, with composure, “De minimis non curat lex.“   mcgrue: Latin limericks? really?   jonas:  really.   mcgrue:  It’s awesome. I appreciate it. I had to wikipedia the punchline, but it was awesome.   jonas:  […]

To whom it may concern at the ACLU

There’s been a grave injustice and I don’t know who else to write to to get it resolved. You see, Ben recently gave me a user name and password to contribute to his blog. A triumph for free speech, at first glace. But once I began to write some well researched prose about why evolution […]

My greatest work…

Adolf Hitler? That guy was such a Deutschbag. –Ben McGraw Yeah, it’s pretty much all downhill from here… I had this as my gtalk status line for a while, too.  A co-worker was a bit apprehensive that I’d have the insensitivity to use “Hitler” in anything remotely visible and associated with me from work.  This […]


I did a few navel-gazey things tonight.   Seperation of Gruedorf and State.  Where ‘state’ is ‘me’. First off, I decoupled the gruedorf RSS feed from the main feed, so I can now make non-gruedorf posts (like this one) and they won’t show up in the gruedorf feed.  Yay!  For the interested, the competition-only feed is […]