The problem with gtalk conversations

Unilateral Binding Declaration on the Content and Character of 2011

Preamble: Following is a unilateral binding declaration on the content and character of 2011, hereafter referred to as the “New Year”. Whereas 2010 was a pretty good year, marked by personal and professional growth, Whereas moving to two blocks away from work has yielded a large amount of time and mental energy, Whereas the conference […]


I went to Fantasticfest this summer for vacation. It was fantastic. It’s a film festival, and as such, they have photo badges. They request that you make a shakeyface for this badge’s photo. Sophia helped me take mine. And she just composed all of the reject shots into this gif:

Naught a ‘naut

I thought Astronaut was the term for American spacemen…

Turducken For Real Men Is Made Of Death

I feel like you live in “MANmerica” and I live in some pansy ass settlement within it

Poetry Moment

A limerick’s structure’s sublime its formula will, every time  make you groan while you groan  with a poem in your poem  Because yo dawg we heard you like rhymes (source: this guy)

speaking of bitches

Speaking of Bitches… James: speaking of bitches James: I just found out in the sequel to that talk you sent me that women find different things attractive when ovulating. Ben: yeah James: not ovulating: nice guys ovulating: muscly aggressive guy James: those whoresome whoring whores Ben: whoremones. James: fuck you evolution! of course we carry […]

Delicious Filler

I feed the poor to other, less poor people.


A nude person is nuder than a non-nude person. if he is the only nude person, he is also the nudest.

The Fish, as they say, Rots From The Head…

I do not give a shit if you’re a republican, nor a democrat. If you think the system as it is is shitty, and you’re not in a battleground state, and you didn’t vote third party, then you’re a non-sentient hypocrite nimrod whom I have no respect, intellectual or otherwise, for.