Obstruction Handling

I’m pretty sure collision/obstruction handling exists in the venn overlap between engine and game. How you do it colors a lot of a game’s “feel”, but in initial prototypes you want it provided for you without thinking about it.

Experiments in rendering a Tiled Map in javascript/html…

Sophia’s first tiles!Embrace the pixels! Sophia has been chomping at the bit to make more games. Since it’s been going on two years since I last flexed my gamemaking muscles fully, and since I rather adore Sophia, I’ve been chasing this rainbow. I’ve been ever more intrigued by the idea of a pure html/javascript game […]

Who Watches the Watchmen’s Ads?

So, I’ve been digging through a few watchmen videos from a few places, and there’s one thing in common:

They all have survival horror video game ads in front.

Lego Star Wars 2

I can’t rid of the impression that Lego Han Solo prowls Lego Elementary Schools for unsupecting Duplos to molest…

Fable 2, Prose and Khans

I can be rewarded for sacrificing my wife to a dark and uncaring god!

Portal “Camera Shy” achievement picture tutorial, Part 2

Or: Cakequest, the Legend Continues She… likes to watch. Welcome back to the visual tutorial for where all of the cameras that you can destroy in in Valve’s new Portal game are. This is the second (of two) parts and the first one can be found by clicking here. Note that the photo essay thing […]

Portal “Camera Shy” achievement picture tutorial, Part 1

The facts Grr… locked BAD! Welcome to Valve’s awesome game: portal! This here’s my guide to getting the “Camera Shy” achievement. Because while I’m a egotist camwhore myself, I’m a flaming libertarian. Ergo, only cameras I like I like. Before we begin: I’m not planning on really spoiling the story, but I don’t care enough […]