RPG Design Flaws: Giant Maps

As a member of the verge-rpg.com community since 1997, I’ve seen over 15 years of failed RPGs, and very, very rough demos. I intend on cataloging a list of RPG antipatterns to try and build up a set of good design principles. The most common flaw I’ve seen, by far, is to make giant areas. […]

Bigger, Better, More and the RPG curse.

When I went to GDC 2012, I talked with a lot of other indie game developers. (That’s what you do as a game developer at Game Developer Conference.) And part of the introduction dance is invariably: “So, what are you working on?” What are you working on? So, sheepishly, I’d admit that I was on […]

The Naval gays

(If it was not a parent already this entire blog post was done via voice to text recognition .) ( except for formatting) several years ago my friend Timothy fritz created a blog Pact: our mission to make a blog post 1 today and or die trying. Many of us tried and failed and died […]

XNA and RPGs

I may have stayed up until 7am with Zeromus at some point this week working on making verge games work in XNA. Okay, that’s a thing that actually happened. There isn’t (and won’t be) scripting conversion, but you can totally run maps and chrs and such in an xbox atm. Which is interesting. So, there’s […]

gruedorf: toys!

Very busy lately at work. Ursa work continues apace on the other members of the team, but… as for my grudorfian contribution this week, I’ve been doing some feasibility experiments with XNA. What, you want a screenshot? Not this week, kiddo.

API updates

Today’s gruedorf update isn’t game related! It’s pingpawn.com related! Now you can query pingpawn for the number of quotes that match a query string. You can further filter this by quotefile. Examples for queries of quotes containing the word taco: http://pingpawn.com/api/count/?q=taco http://pingpawn.com/api/count/gayo/?q=taco http://pingpawn.com/api/count/grue/?q=taco Exciting, no?

More Ursa work, some website maintenance…

Been working on user ui and basic testing stuff for Ursa. Not much screenshot-wise. Also of note is bringing http://beta.verge-rpg.com/ back to life. Mainly so I can shove the code into github and do some easy maintenance on it again…


I wanted to post this for screenshot saturday, but going to PAX and/or drinking made me forget and lose Gruedorf for a few days. Curses. Anyways, check this out!

Some Ursa Screens

Ursa continues apace. I grabbed some art from the internets and made a mockup of some discovery screen stuff (It looks better animated.) And, in general, the spikes are looking neat! Here is something that Ustor should be posting so he doesn’t lose at gruedorf, because he got this part working:

Continuous Integration, Bitches.

I just set up CI using git’s post-receive hooks for the Ursa project. Hot damn. Now any of the devs, upon push, can share their progress on a live server. Your move, Kildorf. Is your flash project continuously integrating?