…or full of myself!

…or full of myself!

The Ontaran Caves, now diagonified for your sliding pleasure.
A view of maped3 showing the obs.
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Okay, so in keeping with tradition, as soon as I make a boastful claim of future work, I of course don’t get to complete it. However, since I have many years of experience with this sort of phenomenon, I kept the boastful claim REALLY SMALL and still got work done towards it. However, you’re all going to have to make due with more map maintenence for now.

Today’s precious update is the Ontaran Mines, which is the last zone before you exit Alden Kingdom. The base of this map was first seen by the public in a bunch of public domain tilesets I released a few years ago. I was going to redo the entire cave sequence, but I decided that, although the layout was a bit flat, it was something I could work with…

Doctor TwopointohLove

(or: how I learned to stop worrying and love rounded corners)

A shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch...

One of the main problems with this map’s original incarnation was it’s harsh 90-degree corners. If you open up the old version (which isn’t in the svn, and I can’t currently find in the repo (goddamnit)), you’ll notice it’s mainly just twisty 90-degree passages. Visually dull, annoying to navigate, and really kinda flat. BAD!

...and then a sensible dinner!
Enter: the Corner.

The solution to this first visual issue was to use the already-existing diagonal wall pieces gratuitously. with the addition of a very small number of new transition tiles (something like 6 new tiles), I managed to soften the harsh edges, diversify the number of shapes on the screen, and overall improve the boring parts of the map a few hundred percent. Once I was done smoothing out the maze, I created a new obstruction tileset, and made everything utilize v3’s diagonal-slidey abilities (see first screenshot of the post) which is one of the stupidly fun things there is while walking around. Who knew sliding across a wall would be so fun?

This map has a lot to go before it’s done, too, but the initial changes are a good start. I hate it several orders of magnitude less already!

In other news, I’ve been using a debug version of maped3 running from Visual Studio itself, which has been fairly illuminating. I’ve fixed two bugs so far… which is about a hundred less bugs than Andy’s fixed in it lately.

As always: the goods

In full accordance to the grutopian policy of full disclosure, today’s updates can be seen (as always) in the svn. Remember: user and password are both “anonymous”!

http://www.verge-rpg.com/svn/sots/ – the Astradian Repositorium!

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