Short post, green thumb

Short post, green thumb

I wouln't've done this if I knew it'd take this long.  That's probably a lie.
Fenslyd Holy Mountain:
Now duochromatic!

Today’s post is way shorter than I planned. But rather than be a twat and whine, here’s new (albeit more mundane than I was planning) work.

This update mainly shows the fruit of several hours after I posted last sunday’s entry, wherein I decided to make the Fenslyd Holy Mt. more interesting visually. The first part was to change up the floor tiles… which wasn’t so much a success. The other part was my old standby vineset. First appearing in (which was from an abortive attempt to get Hahn to work on Blackstar (Ie, the “real” game starring the Sully Chronicles cast) by giving him art), these vines have crept their way into many, many tilesets of mine. The reason is simple: they break up monotony nicely, and vines are at home on rocks, on buildings, hanging from trees, etc etc. So that looks nicer.

Really, this happened.

I totally cut out my second and third monitors from this screenshot due to all of the porn.  True story.
A million points to anyone who figures
out what my quicklaunch icons do
(click to biggify)

So, why the reason for the spare update? (and hey, that’s a few more hours of work over last time right there! Mapediting is time consuming!) Well, circumstances prompted me to reformat my main drive and reinstall windows, which ate a bunch of time, and after the reinstall I, like a fool, accidentally installed my Saitek Gaming Keyboard’s drivers, which are apparently incompatible with verge as it says “hey, verge, the up key is being pressed always!”. Hanyways, I went to Fry’s and got a keyboard (and a spare laptop to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Yeah, let’s go with that as the reason! >_>) and then my roommate wanted to go to Ikea and then wanted to eat and then to Best Buy… so now it’s 6 pm and I’ve been up since this time yesterday.

So I want to sleep.

[17:07:20] <Kildorf> I see
[17:08:17] <Thrasher> you lose. the end.
[17:08:28] <SDHawk> how can a keyboard be incompatible with something
[17:13:37] <Kildorf> this is a question that Grue was asking this morning

Oh, also there’s newified mountain music modernized by The Indomitable Zathras. It’s totally hot.

Since this is mainly just a visual update I didn’t feel like making a full download zip. Anyone who wants to can feel free to grab the current build from the Subversion repository at (u/p anonymous/anonymous).

I am going to sleep now. Expect a way better update in a day or three. An update that’ll ROCK YOUR FREAKIN’ SOCKS OFF.

That’s right. I’m setting expectations. I’m that confident. And/or full of myself.

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