The animatining!

And so it goes…

This week’s entry is another lightweight one, finishing up the animation of the new Proto-Onam (Pronam?).

Onam’s finally got the quarter-cape he’s always wanted, and a asymmetrical sprite to boot. Hooray!

The great move ends

So I now am in my new apartment in Mountain View, California. It took like, six goddamned weeks to get all of my junk from there to here. I’m just about done assembling furniture and unpacking, so the weak-ass updates can cease and the strong-ass updates will commence. Including a long-overdue vrpg post declaring losers and not-losers. Of course… before I do that I’ll be sure to make a really impressive post here so I look awesome. Gruedorf is a lot like life: not very fair.

The repository

Remember kids, the updates are always viewable live at Ioachim yelled at me for forgetting to mention that for the past few posts…

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