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I’ve finally resurrected This here’s a rough custom shell of a site using the find framework from over at CakePHP. I’ve only been using their stuff for a week, and I have a bit yet to familiarize myself with, but it seems a fairly handy framework.

The trick, as with any framework, is familiarity.

I’ve mainly been learning cakePHP to finally finish in proper form. That’s progressing well, although I’ve now taken several days of diversion for this and/or recreating.

As is usually the case, moving environments from my dev box to the server here ran aground of mod_rewrite issues. However, I’m pretty sure the rewrites themselves are correct, and that the shortcomings are with my understanding of how cake handles it’s webroot. With time and tenacity will come understanding (then, death).

The meat: Canadian Bacon

The main reason I’ve been pushing this through is the friendly little competition I find myself in with Mister Shamus “Kildorf” Peveril. Ostensibly we’re both amatuer game-making enthusiasts, but in practice we’re mindblasted code monkeys who whine about “oh how wonderful it would be if we made games” and then don’t. Because not-doing something you want to do is the logical course of action.

So my challenge was as follows: we work on our respective games at least once a week, and post the WIP with the new work at least once a week on a blog with an RSS feed so we can keep easy tabs and make third party applications to mock each other later. Actually, I was hoping for a bit of WWF-style showmanship, but Kildorf’s a gentle soul who would claim to’ve helped your mom across the street, and nothing more.

A boy can dream of a theatrical scene-chewer arch-nemesis. A boy… can dream. was taken

Also in other news, I’ve launched the emptyish shell of an inside joke. We are looking at the beginning of a Social Shitfucking revolution. This is bleeding edge here, folks.

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