Turducken For Real Men Is Made Of Death

<Hyptosis> Nice, there was a copper head asleep ontop of the turnoff to our 
           main water vein.
<Hyptosis> And, ontop of the snake
<Hyptosis> I shit you not
<Hyptosis> A fucking Brown Recluse
<Hyptosis> It was like a poison cocktail
<gru> Did you kill them both?
<gru> Or did you decide "Nah, no need to turn off the water."
<Hyptosis> I flick the spider out of the way and tossed the snake into the grass
<Hyptosis> Then turned the water off
<chrisa> I feel like you live in "MANmerica" and I live in some pansy ass 
         settlement within it

From #sancho on irc.lunarnet.org.

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