125 Murray St, Binghamton NY

The place I had with Tobias and Jonah in Binghamton in 2002 was my favorite place so far in life. It was awesome. Here’s a panorama of the living room after we’d decorated it:

We went with a nintendo sprite and phallic object theme.

The ceilings were so high in this place. Also, we didn’t have wireless ethernet. I still prefer wired to this day.

The bar. I miss the bar. I bought the bar new from Oak Express when we were decking the place out.

That bar and I have had good times.

It looks like good times were had immediately prior to taking these pictures, actually.

The mantle. The white mage and black mage represent the eternal battle of light and dark over conquest of bananas.

Our living room even had a jew!

Jonah was usually in the living room. Living.

We had a ‘Community Oriented Policing’ propaganda poster on that door. Don’t know why…

And we’re back! I also was planning on getting an enormous television, but am glad I didn’t. I’d’ve basically been destitute that semester without money for rent, food, etc.

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