detail of the drawer’s notes

Ohboy. Notes.

See, I take my notes on blank white filler paper, usually taken from the surplus feed-paper in the South Pod, which I rip off in stacks of 50 or so and then tear off the side-hole paper. What remains gets affixed to one of my numerous clipboards and I use it like a long scroll of paper, equally suited for writing notes as it is for drawing during a particularly boring class.

The stuff at the top of this is actually a note pertaining to Prof. Steflik’s proclaimation about the most efficient trees being order 52 to map to the drive sector structure on something or other that I passed to Matt MacDonald in front of me. His answer is the different and much smaller font.

The rest of it is Gopher and LDAP shite. And a stupid question that the Prof didn’t know the answer to (What is an Irregular Function, dammit? A quick google didn’t prove informative.)

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