The Fish, as they say, Rots From The Head…

(or: Misinterpret Cast!)

Back in 2004 I wrote

I do not give a shit if you’re a republican, nor a democrat. If you think the system as it is is shitty, and you’re not in a battleground state, and you didn’t vote third party, then you’re a non-sentient hypocrite nimrod whom I have no respect, intellectual or otherwise, for.

Nobody understood this properly when I wrote it originally, so then in my comments I wrote some psuedocode to explain the logic flow of that sentence and it cleared it up.

(Aside: Comparison of the previous two sentences shows that in five years I’ve not stopped ending my sentence in prepositions. I, like most of you, run english in quirks mode.)

The conclusion

Code is far less ambiguous than english because people are not used to strictly interpreting english. (The previous sentence implies that math majors are not people; I’m willing to defend that.)

So I revisited the psuedocode in the post and found it amazingly brittle and unreusable! And there was a bug in the final clause. Oh, the perils of not test-driving your emotionally charged statements. So, in the interests of avoiding arrogance-rot, I refactored and generalized it a bit!

An Exemption

I’m not sure if I believe this anymore at all. It’s been a while since I re-evaluated my political stances. I think I’ve gone from a hardline libertarian to a broken, beaten, shattered shell of a libertarian.

So, the contentious arguments here aren’t so applicable anymore. I just wanted to point illustrate that the opening statement is hyper-charged and people fail to interpret it correctly, whereas the code is much easier to interpret to those who have been trained in the Way of the Computer.

/// Takes a Person object, and sets it's member variables accordingly for
/// it's 1::1 relation with Grue in respect to Grue's respect for that
/// Person.
/// @param you The person to judge.
/// @see Person::ProcessReaction()
/// @see _BattlegroundStateCalculator()
/// @todo implement all of the various non-election-related ways a person
///       can be a total douche in my eyes.
/// @todo exemption clauses for 'lesser of two evils'?
/// @todo set dead_to_me flag if '3rd party'/'wasted vote' argument comes
///       up.
void Grue::CalculateRespect( Person you )

    PoliticalOffice* p_office;
    p_office = PoliticalService.getCurrentOfficeUpForGrabs();
        // if you think the current system is Shitty...
        you.opinion_on_US_govt == E_FUNDAMENTALLY_FLAWED &&

        // ...and if you *dont* live in a battleground state...
        // (calls a helper function)
        !_BattlegroundStateCalculator(you.state_of_residence) &&
[TimeService.getCurYear()][p_office] == 
[TimeService.getCurYear()][p_office] == 
    ) {
        you.hypocrite = true;
        you.sentient = false;

        // set all possible forms of respect as false.
        for( int i=0; i<MAX_RESPECT; i++ )
            you.grue_respect[i] = false;    
    else // only do this if they were not deemed Horrible.
        // Now see if the person was offended by the process we just judged 
        // them against...

        // if somehow you're offended during this evaluation for any 
        // reason, mainly for not understanding the hierarchy of judgement, 
        // then you're dumbstuffs for being offended, but I cannot judge
        // you otherwise.
        if( you.offended_flag ) 
            you.grue_respect[i] = REPECT_INTELLECTUALLY;
} //Grue::CalculateRespect()

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