Who Watches the Watchmen’s Ads?

So, I’ve been digging through a few watchmen videos from a few places, and there’s one thing in common:

They all have survival horror video game ads in front.

Watchmen is an award-winning comic book of the same vintage as The Dark Knight Returns and Maus. These are the books that gave birth to the term Graphic Novel.

And the advertisers associate slasher games with it?

I suppose the movie is targeted at a young male demographic because it’s a superhero flick, but the source material doesn’t really seem to lend itself to being fully appreciated by the set.

On the other hand, who doesn’t love zombies?

In other news, this is egometry’s 100th post. And there were 100 words in this post before this footnote (quite unplanned).

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  1. 18-25 year old males are the most likely to have money and be irresponsible with it.

    If there’s any chance at all that specific audience is interested in your product, market to them, even if they aren’t your ideal client base.

    That, at least, appears to be a cached thought (http://www.overcomingbias.com/2007/10/cached-thoughts.html) of the advertising/marketing industry.

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