a hint of things to come!

a hint of things to come!

The Ontaran Caves, again, but with interesting variations.
The third ontaran cave map.
Now with less garish colors!

I wanted to keep what I was going for recently with SotS under my hat until it was fully finished. However, in the debate over implementing it the hard, but possible, way or the better, but needs-engine-work way, I chose to go the longer-to-implement route.

Confused yet? If you’ve played any of the 16-bit games I’ve played, it should be apparent from today’s screenshot what I’m adding into the game.

However, to properly pull this off requires a bit more than just obs, zones, and tile indexes… which is all of the in-script data we’ve had at our disposal so far. We’re going to need… metadata.

Luckily, I’m not the only one tinkering around with v3’s innards at the moment. Ioachim and Andy have both been hanging around #vergedev on lunarnet and we had a pleasant chat while maped3’s source was merged together. Now, this whole metadata adventure hasn’t yet started in earnest, but trust me and my leaky dev-blog hear: you’ll all be the first to know when it does.

The other thing I’m considering tinkering with is how verge, well… renders! As soon as I’ve got some more time (some big things going down in the gruelife atm), I’ll be spawning a new branch of v3 with the intent of adding a more programmer-friendly rendering system. Like adding non-entity sprites into the entity’s sorted rendering layer! And stuff. Maybe. I need to think about it all more.

Teh Gaem

Blah blah http://www.verge-rpg.com/svn/sots/ , blah blah SotS SVN.

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