A little sprite music.

Gruedorf: A little sprite music.


A bit more work on Erikk has come into being. I spend way too much time on someone so monochromatic, but what can I say? I’m gay for the little guy.

I’m also showing the now lower contrast tanata-hair to people. Y’all seemed to disagree with the previous version, so I’m getting a feeler for this new one.

Some random pimping of friends!

Doctor Zath to medbay…
Doctor Zath, medbay?

On a wonderful side note, the Astrad’s illustrious master maestro, Matthew Steele has released a video game remix of the always awesome System Shock 2’s Deck 4 theme. System Shock 2 is home to the fiendish SHODAN, of which GLADoS is a passive-aggressive knock-off… if an awesome entity in of her own murderous cake-loving right.

Go here to hear the tune! Also vote for it!

Sweet sixteen.

Sixteenth update, revision 33 for the svn repo. http://www.verge-rpg.com/svn/sots/. I still don’t have internet at home. What’s up with that?

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