ah, crap.

I took monday off from work to sleep. And so I thought tonight was posting night. Ha… whoops. 20 hours late.

On verge3 I’ve been working on making a verge.cfg variable to specify an optional subdirectory that your maps and map vc can live in, so as not to clutter up the root directory.

In sully I diagnosed a battle action queue error that sends an action to linger far too long at the bottom of the stack (fix pending). I fixed a problem where the cursor would wildly list to the left and bottom when you entered a battle. I also helped the always awesome Gayo with some stuff he’s doing with the Sully battle system. Yay for doing things!

On the website side I added some preliminary RSS features to the front page and the forum page. I also fixed the HELL out of registration.

Also I worked enough in my day job last week to need a day off to sleep this week. So yeah. Anyways: where’s Kildorf? I take back all those mean things I said, baby. We can make this work. Give me another chance… ;_;

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