Airport Edition.

Airport Edition.

The Alden Forest Map, in all of it's horrible glory.
Seriously, can that be any brighter?

Last week’s entry was only a bare minimum of an hour’s work, the lion’s share spent on properly reforming the sully SVN so I could work on a branch while keeping the trunk sane. Thes lesson there is that infrastructure work is worth noting, and worth doing… even if it ain’t flashy.

This week’s entry has a lesson in three parts:

  1. Using Remote Desktop Connection to develop is painfully slow.
  2. Some small amounts of work are a lot more satisfying than others
  3. Sometimes you just gotta throw old work out.

I’d explain further, but frankly I’m exhausted and my plane’s taking off in 10 minutes. The short story is that I was working on rehabilitating the old SotS forest maps until I decided that the map layout is incredibly terrible and cannot be reused. Map layouts are important to try and reuse since it takes far more time to make a decent map than it does a decent tileset. Unfortunatly, you’re really not saving any time if your map’s foundation is entirely indecent.

So there you go. Anyone paying attention might be wondering why I was doing superficial work this week after infrastructure last week. Well, I want to roll new ideas out with some homeboys in my new digs concerning the battle system, combined with the fact that I’ve been nearly swamped with moving across the nation and visting family this week. Nonetheless, I found time to work on the project.

After all… the alternative was losing.

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