Anti-ninja Parade

Anti-ninja Parade.

Dance, varmints!

I finished up Erikk, basing his cape’s folding animation on the up-walk on the FF6-style cape-crinkling. Hey, capes are hard and ff6 did a good job with it. I HAVE NO REGRETS!

After a bit of spriting it was time to prepare the makefiles.





Some lessons re-learned

The first thing I re-discovered was that v3’s character makefile format is extra-picky. For instance,

	d_walk F0 W25 F1 W25 F0 W25 F2 W25

Is invalid! Yeah, in fact you need to do this:

	d_walk F0W25F1W25F0W25F2W25

And don’t you dare think about leaving some trailing whitespace at the end of the string, and you’d better add an extra newline after the last line of the file, too, boy.

After re-learning that little particuliarity, I noticed that the W33’s I’d been doing in rhubarb roobarb to test looked terrible in-engine, so I went from 1/3rd of a second delay between frames to 1/4th of a second (W25). That helped, but I noticed it looked like you were sliding around at the start of your walk from a standstill. So to solve this I changed the first frame of the animation to not be the same as the standing still frame. To wit:

	# This is the idle "standing" frame.
	d_idle 0

	# (expanded improperly, so it is easier to read)
	d_walk F1 W25 F0 W25 F2 W25 F0 W25 

	# see, instead of starting on frame 0 on the down-walk, I start on frame 1, 
	# so you instantly animate from the frame you saw on the standing-frame. 

Hopefully that was clear.

Still going.


So, seventeenth update and still going strong. I recommend grabbing an update from the repo and running it for yourself, so you can see the kids all animating live in scene. I added them all to the party so you could see the glorious man-train in action.
As always, is where you get the goods. Anonymous/Anonymous for user/password.

In other news… Christ, I still don’t have internet at home. Heads will fucking roll. I mean, really now. It’s been like a month at this place. What kind of sham game are AT&T and Speakeasy running here. Kael and I both have wasted time waiting and on the phone trying to sort this out.


…It’s late. >_>

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