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iPhone Development: project Crux

This week I worked some with Rusty on the iPhone tile engine: we now have full maploading and zooming. yay!

I also worked some on a mapeditor. The mapeditor is a verge game right now, because the maps are simple and I wanted an editor mac and pc users both could use. I’ll post that when it’s a little further along.

The biggest thing I’ve worked on this week is I’ve been wanting to work on a javascript-only tile/sprite editing tool for a long time now (I really don’t know why: blame derangement if you must), and I finally just started tapping it out. It’s served pretty well to cement my love and understanding of the YUI and of event-driven programming. Thusfar this has been a non-TDD spike, but it’s almost too big now to go without tests. I certainly need to get my house in order before implementing a full undo/redo stack, for instance.

Future Plans

I’d like to eventually have a full database of public tiles and sprites up on SpriteWright, indexed and sortable by tag (omg, the icons of snozzberries are tagged ‘snozzberries’!) and/or by what palette was used. In fact, my obsession with palettes and palette-based art manipulation was half of the reason behind this whole thing.

I’d also like to add an open API so other art programs could load and save to the service. That’d be neat.

In the more distant but hopefully not-too-distant future I wouldn’t mind implementing a flash-driven web-based mapeditor that tied into the API, to solve once and for all the godforsaken verge cross-platform devtools problem (and to sharpen up my flex skills).

A Crippling Addiction

So, I think is the official name, but I also registered,, and

Clearly, I have a problem.

I like the implications of a craftsman that -wright implies, but I also like typing ‘spriterite’ because you get to spell ‘rite’ twice in a row. I got the others because if I’m ever pitching this site in the future verbally, I don’t want to have to spell it. I’ll just be all “Eh, it’s spelled how you think it is.” and let them get there anyway they think.

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