Battle A-go-go

Battle A-go-go


Woo, technology.

So here’s some of the fancy shenanegans I’ve been up to lately with Gayo on Sully. I’ve been working on putting the render stack under test to hunt down some obscure bugs and mystery crashes, and that’s been going nicely. Lesson learned: FreeImage on a bad index is bad… so I augmented the verge3 engine to noisy-error in that circumstance: although we might eventually just want it to do a noop instead of doing a fragile error or doing a bad operation.

I’ve also made a bit of progress on the site. I should work out a good stylesheet for the forums and be done with that major third of the site… although really I need to make the forum management UIs. Which are just two screens, as far as I can tell…

Nothing’s been happening on the iPhone front in the last week. I’ve been sorta really busy at week getting IMVU’s Music Portal whipped into shape. And shape has been whipped into it. So all is well now.

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