Better off dea… late.

Better off dead late.

A wild screenshot approaches!
(click to embiggen)

I didn’t mean to let this post get so late. almost five days now. My ever-tardy master nemesis Kildorf, who is of this writing 41 days tardy must be sapping my will to be punctual. I might have to choose a new enemy! glambourine looks like an ideal target, what with his pristine 0.0% loss and tantalizingly long, screenshot-laden posts. Ohhh yeah, the ‘dorf is strong with this one. Much stronger than in the actual ‘Dorf.

Anyways: what I’ve been working on recently is a battle group editor for Gayo for Sully. In the interests of getting as much going on as possible with all mah peeps, I figured it was time to finally get my hands dirty in the land of c# win32 apps. The concept is simple: you load a .dat file (anonymous/anonymous), and the app parses out all the unique locations and enemy group contained within. You can then visually add, delete, or edit the existing groups, then save a new file out.

So that’s that! This here’s a mockup picture, as the drawing canvas is only a 320×240 magenta square in the real version, but the verge battle group file parsing and drop downs are done. I’ll be getting to the custom canvas code shortly. Mad props to my “homeboy” and “roommate”, kael, who’s very familiar in these areas and generally knows what I’m looking for within a sentence or two of frustrated explaination. There’s no svn for this unnamed project yet, but if anyone actually wants to play with the WIP, just email me. I’m all about being open up in this kimono, baby.

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