Busy beaver

So, in addition to finishing out the core functionality for the new forums and finishing out the registration/email confirmation/email welcome process, I also managed to wipe out verge-rpg.com for about a day and a half!

It’s awesome what a poorly formed query can do. Anyways, a database restore, 60 emails, and 8 more hours of trying to figure out why the documentation system was now broken later, I reclaimed the critical path!

After that I ended up working on Sully some, fixing some oversights in the battle system with Gayo, and even took the time to whip up a little demo for a new verger asking how to put together a HUD.

Aren’t I swell?

Next up for forums quest 2k8 is making rss listings for the most recent public messages, custom rss listings per user account, and email notification of a thread you posted in have been responded to (with reply form in the email).

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