Busy Week, No pretty pictures.

This week’s gruedorf entry consists of:

  • Fixing a bug with deletion in McgRender Mark V (in sully).  This was requested by Gayo so he could make the battle intro/outro effects in the Sully battle system.  Yay!
  • Working on the edit post functionality at http://beta.verge-rpg.com as well as general message-centric fucntionality.  The awesome thing is that both my sandbox and vrpg agree on what tests pass and what tests fail.
  • Added a sprite animation system to the iPhone Sokoban game.  Rusty also implemented some pathfinding to add some superior UI tap-based movement into the game.  A d-pad is a bad idea for an iPhone game, as is a 1:1 gesture:movement ratio.  You don’t want to stroke your phone 12 times to move 12 tiles.  Honestly, even the iPhone isn’t sexy enough to warrant that level of public fondling.

2 thoughts on “Busy Week, No pretty pictures.”

  1. Someone ported Vay to the iPhone and they used a “single tap to walk to this point”, and “double tap to run in this direction until 1. stopped by an entity or 2. stepping off the map or 3. another tap”.

    I’ve only played it a couple times but I miss the d-pad. Maybe there is a way to make use of the accelerometers instead.

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