Carried away.

Another postlet: Instead of composing a big old fancy blog entry, i sorta got sucked into coding of various kinds. Been at this chunk of work for almost a full workday in hours now. Some people play videogames for fun. I work on a decade-old tech demo.

First item: I added a seperate windowsize verge.cfg variable for x/y on top of the “screen size”. Say you want your game to be 320×240, but want it to run in windowed mode. Every single computer that runs verge3 will have a minimum res of 800×600, and even that’s small for the majority. automax makes an ugly-ass screen with lots of jaggies, and fullscreen mode isn’t guarunteed to be a square aspect ratio in this age of LCDs (320×240 on a 1280×1024 native res LCD looks like ass in fullscreen.) So I added new variables to give you a playable window port of 640×480 (or whatever you specify, really) so you can have your perfect aspect ratio and remain windowed. Whee!

Next item: I did a hella lot of scripting of the Lance stuff on Mt. Jujube. Yay for scripting!

As usual, go check it out at the svn repo if you’d like. Username and password both “anonymous”, as usual.

I’m going to bed now. Some of us have to work in very, very scant hours :(

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