Change is in the Map…

Change is in the Map…

This week’s changes are mainly to the Crux Map-editor I posted last week. This week brings a bunch of refactorings, culminating in a much cleaner, quicker editing experience. Pending is some meta-data editing and a vsp view, but if you want to add more tiles for the meantime just add 32×32 pngs to the tiles directory in the established naming pattern and you’re all set.

Also along with tonight’s speed-up refactoring comes the possibility of a full v3 multilayer application built on top of this in the future. The slowdown that prevented this from happening was caused by a juvenile mistake that Kael caught after a half hour of me debugging and him playing videogames while aen looked on.

(It’s easier to “pair” program when it’s being projected on a wall and everyone involved is several feet from each other. It’s amazing how much being in comfy chairs and not having your personal space infringed upon helps.)

Anyway, for all of you out there in TV land who care, here’s the updated editor. CTRL-S also saves a .plist of the current map out into the v3.log, although the load doesn’t work yet. So sad.

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