Clamfest 2008!

Clamfest 2008!

Although this isn’t all I’ve done in the last week, I’ll focus on Sully.

I’m tired, so I’ll just recap from the SVN logs. Here’s a selection of entries I made in the last week, from revision 108 to revision 143 (most of those are mine, some are Gayo.)

  • Fixed the queueing problems. Now actions properly have charges and delays.
  • Making it so allies always animate on battle start.
  • Added initialization code for the sprite engine.
  • Added the revive spell’s unique effects.
  • Implemented effects for Revive and Shield.
  • Augmented GATTACA for arbitrary string display
  • Generified Standard Battle effects
  • Added an onComplete function to GATTACA.
  • Added multi-stike to BasicAttackFunc.
  • Added the bottoms to many palm trees in the
  • Updating stuff to make strikes work better. Sworddance is in, functionally.
  • Fixing the battle menu so the “b-side” can be triggered.
  • Fixing a McFAIL bug where custom keyboard mappings would crash if you changed to custom joystick mappings.
  • Fixed the battle_menu/McFAIL interplay. Now all is well.
  • Fixed the “non-battle items showing up in battle” bug.
  • Added Meditate as a usable action. Added TARG_SELF as a targetting function.
  • Got the Skill Menu to not hate usable skills quite so much.
  • Update menu to use mcgrender.
  • I am king awesome.

…I got excited by the end. I did awesome things.

I’m also close to shipping an iPhone game with Rusty, but I’ll make a full post about that when it’s out.

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