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To the left you will find animated versions of the main character from Rusty Larner and my Sokoban clone for the iPhone. This is heavily, amazingly, tremendously inspired by a 16×16 sprite named “bobo” made by Jon “evilbob” Wofford back in the early v3 days. I gained his permission to derive a work from his, him stating that most anything from those days are now derilict.  

I always remembered it because it was so simple in design.  The slightly-pissed-off, slightly-defeated blue orb.  I loved the eyes, and the way that the shading stayed in the same orientation no matter the view (showing that it was light shading on it’s orb body instead of any particular coloration).  I also like the lack of connection between the feet and the body and the eyes.

So I upgraded it from 16×16 to 32×32, but of note is that I actually preserved, without almost any alteration at all, the eyes and eyebrows from the original.  The rest of the sprite was redone for a native 32×32 sprite.

Anyways, the sprite is done. The game will shortly follow, now several weekends overdue from the original “deadline”.


So, last night I spent entirely setting up backups to amazon s3 for this server using Brad Fitzpatrick’s “Brackup”. Actually, I killed a lot of time trying to use duplicity, but in the end debian’s apt-get defied me and I threw my hands into the air.

Anyway, at any time I could’ve made a gruedorf post, but I didn’t because my Gruedorf Competition Widget said I had 1 day, 2 hours left! So I was all “oh, cool!”, and went along with my system administration.

Unfortunately, when I first built the first one, it wouldn’t auto-refresh. So I was looking at page results from the previous day, which was when I last hit the update button.


Here’s an Updated Gruedorf Competition Widget, which auto-updates every 15 minutes.

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