Dance magic dance

Dance magic dance.

The prince goes marching one
by one. hurrah! hurrah!

Today I completed the first version of the third major revision of Prince Onam Alden. That’s right: Onam 3.0. Unless you start counting at the recolored version of Edgar Figaro, in which case this is 4.0.

In either case, here he is: lower color, slightly larger, and not based directly upon any other game’s. That’s right, this little guy for better or worse was done sans template. I went with an asymmetrical stance based on years of admiring Chrono Trigger’s take (I still am in awe of how much they packed in so little space.), and use bright primary colors taking a cue from Lufia’s sense of design. As a result, the sprites are off-center and the sides don’t match up perfectly.

I’m mostly pleased with them, and if y’all have any feedback, please: feel free to email me. Or post on the general discussion board of I promise one day I’ll implement comments here. I just have too many projects and not enough time…

More done than expected?

The princess breaks onto
the scene?

One of the side effects of the simplified sprites of this revision is that it’s a bit easier to cook up a finished sprite. The previous version had five frames per direction, whereas this new version has only three. That’s a total of 12 versus 20. In addition, I limited the colors I used intentionally to further speed the coloring process. With less colors, there’s less fussing over how best to shade some newly exposed area. So with 40% less frames and each frame taking less time to color, I was able to fully crank out Tanata here from scratch in under 40 minutes. Stuff like this matters when you’ve got a limited amount of time…

Tanata here is a major character that has yet to be seen in a released version of The Astrad. For those of you lurking since 1997, she’s the princess of a the kingdom of Allrusen, which was on the other side of the mountain pass my final “real” demo ended at. I’ve always liked women who could kick ass, and Tanata here does just that. She’s the only character in the game who lacks magical abilities, and plays the role of the tank and the physical damage powerhouse.

She is also black, which… has rarely been seen in sprite characters. Shockingly, I will be breaking from RPG tradition by not arbitrarily making my dark-skinned characters speak ebonics.

14 weeks, still suverting.

This is my fourteenth consecutive gruedorf entry, and I’m showing no signs of giving up this ghost. What would a gruedorf be without a grue, after all? As always, my revisions can be snatched and audited over at I’m almost finished settling into my new place in Mountain View, CA (home of teh google). So hopefully I’ll be kicking ass and taking names in short order.

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