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foreach( $uncles as $creepy )

Greetings from the first bay-area mini game-jam, live from Daniel X. Moore‘s Palace of Wonders!

Today I got the documentation prev/next feature into the codebase. The controller code is a bit on the janky/spaghettiey/incredibly-high-cyclomatic-complexity side, but I’ve got all of the edges covered and you can walk through the entire documentation system with just the links at the top.

on the up-side, I now have a line of code that reads:

foreach( $uncles as $creepy ) {

…so that’s awesome.

Now I have nothign left to do on the documentation system except the editing/reverting parts. Oh joy.

Committed revision 455, Riding high on the gruedorf leaderboard. Take that, Kildorf.

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