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“why don’t you just use a wiki?”

Finished the files section of beta.verge-rpg pretty well for now. Moved on to the last major section to port: the documentation system. Less than a day into it and the core display functionality seems to be nearly complete. This may turn out to go fairly quickly to get to the point where I can cut the site over.

Several times I’ve been asked “why don’t you just use a wiki”? Scraping the data out of the existing documentation and forcing it into a wiki, and shoehorning a wiki into the same login system as the site seems like it’d be actually more work than just writing a simple custom display/edit shim in cakePHP. I’ve put maybe 5 hours total into the view logic and it’s already showing the first of the three types of page involved in the documentation system.

Also, this system was originally built to mimic’s documentation system, which was the best part of PHP. Hopefully this iteration will improve that.

On r431. And back in gruedorf.

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