Dot dot dot (ellipsis!)

Dot dot dot (ellipsis!)

I hate everything.
Especially you

I spent 8 hours on Saturday trying to get paypal all working with cakePHP for after zara made an ultimatum to me.

C’est la vie.

The fun news was there was a segfault in php5, so I attempted to update it via apt-get. Long story short, things fucked up, and 12 hours of work later I’m still paying off administrative debt trying to get things on this server back the way they were before. Sorry VERGE community!

So, even though I blew my weekend on this offal when I could’ve been having the sex with women and doing other debaucherizing tasks like gambling or taking The Lord’s name in vain, I decided I should also work on gruedorf. I updated the Mount Jujube map because of the “sorry that the internets is broken” image I used on vrpg to indicate that the forums and screenshot functionality are still broken. Ah, progress.

Get the update here. I don’t hate you. There’s over a 40% chance that that’s not a lie, too!

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