Files, and the editing thereof.


The most pedestrian screenshot ever. To what depths has this once-mighty work-journal fallen?

My gruedorf showings are shameful of late, and so are all of yours. The only one holding the line at this moment is Ustor. Perhaps this should be called “UstorUstor”. Or “TorUs”.

At any rate, my small token to personal projects this week is the file management section’s edit page. Woo, now you can edit your files once they exist. Necessary, and very quotidian to a web developer.

Up next on this mystical journey is the upload section’s frontpage, featuring most downloaded recently, newest files, and staff picks (aka, Demo Alarms). After that, we’re a docs section from release. At this point, I think I should screen-scrape my old site’s documentation and import all of that into a wiki. Anyone have objections?

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