Forever Forums.

I foolishly regret saying the end of my work on the forums was, in fact, nigh.

I am getting close to done.  It’s just that the management of forums also requires work on the teams/games sections of the website that I was hoping to put off until later.

Here’s a list of things accomplished since my last post:

  • Added uservoice to the layout of beta (and production!) for feedback.
  • Generalized forum displaying.
  • Added forum url_key setting.
  • added /forum/find (so you can find forums you’re allowed to see, and add them to your main listing)
  • added breadcrumbs to the forums.
  • created functions to list all visible forums to the current user.
  • Added SEO stuff to the template.
  • Added nofollows to links that performed actions rather than showing pages.
  • Updated to YUI 2.7
  • fixed an annoying bug where a forum with no messages (ie, a newly created forum) wouldn’t render at all.
  • Created a service to look up usernames that was integrated with a YUI autocomplete widget.  This’ll mainly be of use moving forward with the team creation page.

Currently on revision 225 in the SVN repository.

The good news is that I have more time to work on this, as my train-based commutes now let me think and hack!

The bad news is I am like a week late with this Gruedorf post :(

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