Gruedorf means never having to say “I win!”

…but at least I’m not losing again for the moment!

Although I had a series of disractions (got sick, moved, had several time-sensitive periods at work, went to GDC, and went to Rhode Island to see my girlfriend twice) I still have managed to get a clip of vrpg work done.  Revisions 199 through 215 were all done since the last post.

Major milestones passed are: bbcode mode switching (new posts use bbcode, old posts don’t, even if edited), and custom forum creation.

Next up is forum management (adding/removing admins/mods/peons, changing details on forums you admin, changing your forum notification preferences), and searching for non-standard forums.

And then the forum stuff will be over (for now).

I’m going to sleep now and see how much of that list I can plow through when I wake up.

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