Mounting piles of Mountain

Mounting piles of Mountain

Darin looking wistfully into the distance

I continued on station three of the ne Mount Jujube for Sully. More tilework, laying down everything but the bridge (which esk will be doing) the waterfall, and the exit plateau. Put in some parallaxing background, because mountain zones need effing paralaxing background, I’m going to modify the bacground so there’s green land around the mountain, and the open sea in the middle of the horizon, and then modify the world map to have some mountains in the corners of that area. It always pissed me off when games didn’t try to make the zone’s interior match up with the zone’s overworld location.

Also fun: I obstructed this station. Obstruction is the most boring bit of map creation for me, mainly because the interface is even worse. It’s such a saving grace that the tile eyedropper functionality extends to obstructions though. Hooray!

And that’s it. Get the update via SVN here.

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