It’s the po-po.

I’ve decided that the testing and systems-shoring-up need to be done on the sully side of things, and that my SotS efforts should be directed towards making some playable demoage. Towards this end I pulled together my favorite versions of sprites from the previous build and have been upgrading them. Today’s entry: the Alden Castle Guards.

Now in three flavors!

The animations are completly done on this one, and he’s got three different flavors: Private, Captain, and Gold! These three sprites will be littered all over the castle, and provide a bit of variety without too much extra work.

Next up will be the Alden Mages, Amin, and Ilsdan. Once I’ve got those all out of the way, I’ll continue on by actually coding up an intro segment.

subversion, gdorf 19.

Please feel free, once again, to check out the current demo’s build over at

Now it’s time to do my laundry!

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