HTML 5 Canvas Fonts

I took a small break from the menus to work on the fonts problem. Specifically, each browser renders the fonts in canvas differently. I attempted to solve the problem by using a pixel font (I grabbed 04b08Regular and made it into a font kit with FontSquirrel) but… apparently no dice.

It really looks like I’m going to have to do spritesheet font blitting. It’s a shame that the “HTML is awesome for UI!!!” solution doesn’t actually work for me in this case (it works when you can embed a single browser as a downloadable, not when you have to support them all ;( )

The menu work goes slowly but surely. I’m poking functions around and playing with their structure. Hopefully I stop pushing the peas around my plate sometime soon.

I met Kildorf in the flesh today. He had some excuse about a flooded house for not working on his cool mapeditor. Whatever, my Gruedorf win ratio is now 50.0%. Climbing my way back into the majority a fractional percentage point at a time.

2 thoughts on “HTML 5 Canvas Fonts”

  1. You may want to play with the following css

    font-smoothing: none
    -webkit-font-smoothing: none

    To try to beat some browsers into submission. Still not perfect, but better.

    Stupid quartz rendering. Stupid cleartype. Grr.

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