HTML5 and Canvas and Games

Hey look, a gruedorf entry without me working on a website!

What have I been working on this week?

Hey look: Sully in a web browser!.

I registered “” on a whim because I have a terrible, terrible problem with purchasing domains. This is a WIP experiment that actually has little to do with VERGE structurally. It’s all javascript and html5 canvas, with a little flash for the music-playing capabilities. But it is verge-related and I’ve been making asset conversation, so whatever.

I’m still looking for a name for the engine, right now I’m thinking somethign Sully related, like Clam Engine or Lord Stan or Castle Heck.

Or “No Caves”.

Whatever. Anyways, it’s pretty early in and non-optimized, but I’m having fun banging it out. You can grab the code at

The license will be BSD or MIT. Probably MIT because I need to show off my East Coast Cred in this here West Coast Silicon Valley. EST 4eva!!!1

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