So, I’m working on a vertical demo: a semi-polished section of a game to see if it is, in fact, any fun.

This game needs a bit of art. And Sophia sadly is being hammered at her workplace, so she wasn’t as available as she hoped.

This left me to do the prototype art.

It’s been a while since I manually arted.

Here is my artings:

The original scan, done on 1" grid paper.
The final icons (48x48), colored in photoshop via Hue/Saturation "colorize".

…oh, how the mighty have fallen. ;(

2 thoughts on “Ikon”

  1. Well, my girlfriend (who started the arts) sets a high standard for me to live up to. She’s on the team that does the google doodles D:

    Meanwhile, I’m a pixel artist from way, way back but decided doodles would suffice here. I just feel out of my element.

    That’s a creepy princess doll, btw. You combine it with plaster to make a golem mould!

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