Jesus saves. Shouldn’t you?

Jesus saves. Shouldn’t you?

One of the distracting

Annoyingly, I did the classic digital-age noob error around thursday. Namely: I didn’t save my work and blew it away. See, I was helping a friend of mine animate some stuff for her RPGMaker game (like the charming tit-squeezing victory animation you see here), and in my amusement I sorta killed my with an unsaved treatment of Erikk. C’est la vie.

But I made good on doing work of my own that actually got saved this week. Here you can see a reconstructed Erikk in progress. I am spending way too much time making his stylish red hat fully asymettrically awesome. Also, I’ve made his sprite 18 pixels wide to accomodate a properly wide brim. This is an experiment in the dark and might cause problems with map interaction later, but I’m willing to cross that bridge later.

Back to the cute things that aren’t mine.

More of Mia Ausa’s work…

So here’s a sprite I made a two-frame animation out of from a single frame that’s not mine. It involves one of the simplest techniques you can possibly do to animate a sprite: grabbing a “connected” area (like head/hair, or shoulderpads/cape) and moving them a small amount for the second frame. It’s very simple, and it’s very effective.

subversion advisory.

Please feel free, once again, to check out the current demo’s build over at

Maybe by next week I’ll have a real internet connection. Maybe.


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