Jujube, I hardly knew ye!

Jujube, I hardly knew ye!

So many pretty layers!

So, today I finished Station 3 of Jujube, added two layers of waterfall to the entire map, hooked up the installed Esk’s Bridge. This bridge has a long and sordid story, the history of which you’ll need to read Esk’s post for and then my comment at the bottom.

Look at us: Gruedorfers working together towards a common goal. At least, Esk isn’t my arch nemesis, who most assuredly didn’t do anything for sully today, because he’s a wanton jerk and maker of nothing good.

OMG, downloadable file!

And that’s it. Get the update via SVN here. Or, actually, since everything is hella awesome, just download a WIP copy of this build of Sully here. You’ll want to load save 5 and walk to the northeast to see the jujube work!

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