Map Happy

Map Happy

Seriously, I don't understand my naming conventions either.
Fenslyd? Well, at least it’s google unique

I ended up doing far more than I was planning on today. It started off with my desire to show off the Alden Mountain range. This plan didn’t survive long because as I attempted over and over to convert the map, well, maped 3 just plain kept choking on it. verge3 can RUN the map, but I can’t really edit the zones to get it all workystuffs. Annoying!

Not insurMOUNTable…

Hey, look, it's me!
I’m so vain, I bet I think this
game is about me..

So, seeing as I was in a mountainy mood, I decided to convert and link up another mountain from later in the game: Fenslyd Holy Mountain. This is a level from around the 25% mark of the game, and the last dungeon before you get a boat. It’s got a few nice visuals and a whole lot of visually repetitive stone. This map’s gonna get a lot of work done to it over time. On the up-side, it’s short.

Also of note is that I’ve put in a commentary track of sorts as you climb it, just so there’s something more interesting for y’all than walking and going through doors.

Be sure to activate the events at the base of each of the two summits. The events are similar, but the one with the sword is a nice little moment, I think.

Addiction: It’s not pretty

I'm not explaining it if you don't know.
Onam, you card.

So, I ended up doing more than I was planning, like I said. Way more. Not featured in these screenshots are the cleaning jobs I did on alden castle. You shouldn’t notice the hud flicker caused by the bridge. Also the bridge will mostly work now, although something’s wrong with unsetting specialty obstructions, so when you walk under the bridge you may hit a small obs that you can walk around…

Anyways, you can also walk out of the castle, into the overworld, and into amaxis town. Just like most of the castle, the town is devoid of anything but art and music. How dull.


Also new this week is a Subversion repository at You all don’t have write access, but the public does have read access. I’m not sure if anyone really cares, but it’s there. Also, I’m willing to provide svn access to anyone who wants it for their gruedorf projects. Aren’t I a keen guy?

Enough shenanegans. Click here to download the fourth Gruedorf release of Saga of the Stars/The Astrad/Engelbert Humperdinck’s Wild Ride/etc etc etc. You’ll be glad you did… unless you won’t.

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