merry xmas, from website beta prime…

This last week has been light on the gruedorfing and more heavy on the drinking.  Oh, when will I learn?

Several hours of work, however, were invested into investigating why I couldn’t get variables from simpletest by id.  To make a long story short, form element values in simpletest won’t be accessible if the element you want is in a malformed <form>.  In this case, there was no form tag at all, and so I was SOL until I tried actually making my html valid.

Feh.  Valid HTML.

Anyways, now the insidious bastard that was test_admins_can_edit_anything() passes.  Revisions 161 and 162 of the beta vrpg codebase happened this week.  I believe this is the last of my major infrastructure blocks, now, so the rest of the forums tests should go much quicker next time I sit down and tackle fleshing out the functionality.

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