on the first light of the sixth day, at dawn look to the east…

I am back.  The hands on the ol’ gruedorf aggregator say I’m 6 days and nearly 17 hours late.


Let’s commemorate my return with a little project centered around the reason for my delinquency!

Girlfriend-kissing Countdown Google Gadget!

This here's probably the sappiest piece of web technology I've ever assembled!

This here's probably the sappiest piece of web technology I've ever assembled!

Today’s bundle of joy is a Google Gadget that counts down the seconds until the next time my adorable and talented girlfriend and I meet. We’re on opposite coasts, she and I, and so we only get to fly to see each other every other weekend or so.

I forget if this widget was her idea or mine, but she contributed the artings and I contributed the codings. And here it is! And it’s even installed on my wubsite for you to see if I’m having makeouts right now or merely waiting pensively for makeouts!

For those of you looking to take a gander at the source, http://www.sheisept.com/gaywidget/w/gaywidget.xml is where you’ll find the code. It’s a work in progress, and it presently seems to break on IE, disappointingly. Even more disappointingly, it’s swallowing the errors so that Microsoft Script Debugger cannot catch them thereby illuminating me.

Other Happenings



In addition to this, I’ve been busy teaching the girl the unix.

That’s right. After I got her in the sack I got her in the console. Once you go black (with green text) you never go back.

I also bought her her first domain name, because that is a thing I do. I need to go to Registrar’s Anonymous soon.

This totally beats the little hardhat guy.

This totally beats the little hardhat guy.

Hmmm… registrarsanonymous.com is available…

Anyway, after an hour-long tutorial she produced a very barebones index manually. It’s displayed above and to the right.

And within minutes of that groundbreaking session, she went on to change her prototyped page via some putty and winscp fu into the item displayed to your left.

It’s mesmerizing and cute! Visit sheisept.com to see the mesmerizing cuteness!

And that’s about it. Next week: more games, websites, and widgets. And probably more girlfriend. Sorry. :3

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  1. Finally, a real post with screenshots done right! Your gf has some really nice art skills with a style I like. I demand she becomes more involve in making art for your game. Srsly.

    24 hours before kissing! Woohoo! Lol!

  2. I see…well, this certainly explains the scarf in the house. *blinks* Hi. ^^; Nice to meet you…? ._.

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