One day there’ll be pretty things again.

One day there’ll be pretty things again…

So, here’s what I did this week:

  • Fixed the battle selection code. There were problems with the selectmap’s setup that were causing terrible, horrible, really bad problems. I was afraid it was a much more complicated problem than it ended up being. Go team venture! Clearing up this problem removed the last “major” bug blocking battle system development.
  • Added the vc code to add Kildorf’s new cels into Sully.
  • Augmented verge.exe so that if you use textpad’s tool option to run your verge game, and it exits, you can click on the output and it’ll open the right file at the right line number. This is, by the way, awesome.
  • Reformatted the skills.dat file, and implemented the white magic spells *Shield and *Revive.
  • Fixed selection so skills that require targets with specific conditions (like “can only be used on dead allies”) don’t let you select them if there are no valid targets on the field.

Isn’t that swell? As per the usual, you can grab all these updates and much, much more over at The Sully Chronicles SVN. One day I’ll do something with more exciting explanations and pretty pictures… but for now I’m more interested in actually doing lots of work than in doing lots of explanation. Sorry!

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