Saga of the Sully?

Saga of the Sully?

Today’s update on the ongoing adventure of SotS’s creation takes us to The Sully Chronicles.


For about three years now I’ve been planning on basing the SotS Battle System off of the one that I’ve been working on for The Sully Chronicles.

Unfortunately, the Sully Chronicles battle system was 1) never completed and 2) is currently in a state of disgrace.

It’s got a lot in place… a real lot! But to cut a very long story short, it’s in need of quality assurance and some heavy refactoring before it’s really ready for public use.

o/~ It’s time to chaaaange o/~

So, it turns out I’m moving across the country next week and starting a new job with the awesome chaps over at They’re an impressive bunch of engineers there, and pre-populated with such GCE community superstars as AegisKnight (creator of Sphere, Audiere, Corona, and umpteen million other things. Also probably your mom.), TheSpeedBump (creator of Ika), Kael (creator of Fury2), and verge’s own aen!

The pertinent matter to this post being the development techniques they use over at IMVU, and it’s effect upon the sully codebase. The problem with Sully at the moment are hard to track errors stemming from a lack of accountability within the code. Turns out that the boys, nay, men of IMVU are huge, huge, HUGE proponents of Test Driven Design. So… I’m planning on applying the techniques I’m going to have drummed into my head over the next few weeks to Sully so forward progress can be made again.

I’ll revise this post more shortly. Let me post this bitch so it doesn’t look like I lost first. >_>

Lookit teh pretty werks: for the sully repository. Notice the nice, new trunk/branches dichotomy. Exciting, eh?

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