Sully Battle Updates.

Sully Battle Updates

Too tired right now to give a full dissertation on the week’s productivity. So instead I’ll comb through the week’s Sully SVN commits and post the notable ones. Supersorry.

  • Fixed the sprite parser, removing (hopefully) all tab literals.
  • Updated the battle hud so that the HP/MP bars worked.
  • Fixing bugs in the battle menu and the targetting system, both conspiring to cause suck.
  • Fixed the quantity bug, removed debugging statements.
  • Updated the mcgrender engine to clean up more of it’s shit.
  • Making it so enemies always animate on battle start.
  • Fixed the queueing problems. Now actions properly have charges and delays.
  • Sped up the bounce of the numbers
  • Making it so allies always animate on battle start.

So that’s that. The battle system now, for once, doesn’t feel ‘broken’. It feels good. Most of what’s left now is to fill it with content… which is, one assumes, the “fun” part. :)

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