Sully Menus

I’m in the process of converting from the silly non-functional menu (summoned and dismissed with ‘M’ on to a fully formed RPG menu that actually “shows data” and “does stuff”. It’s relatively slow going this week, mainly refactoring and a minimum of actual time put in, sadly. I think I’ve only squeezed 2 hours into gruedorf this week. Sickness and work and life, etc… :(

At any rate, I’m looking forward to getting the bare bones of a party menu, status screen, and inventory screen in. I’ll probably be working on this aspect of the game for a few weeks at least. With luck, next week’s update will have more screenshotty goodness.

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  1. For some reason spriteright is broken on Chrome for me. The last time it worked was before the map switch update :(
    By the way, works great in IE9 ;D

  2. Checked the Javascript console, it gives the error: MapEntity.js:24Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier. I’m not too familiar with JS, but looks like it’s a missing comma after line 22

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