The big rock candy mountain had nothing

The big rock candy mountain had nothing on Jujube…

Top o’ the world, ma!

Today’s magnificent exploits bring us to the end of the first phase of Mt. Jujube’s renovation. I completed the summit, linked up the doorways, and added a new bit of parallax for the summit’s area. This all required a little bit of re-thinking things over since the parallax background from Station 3 was encroaching on the summit’s area. This was clearly due to some bad math on my part back several years when this map was started. In an ideal world, there’d be a multi-layer cut/paste functionality so I could just move the large chunk of the summit’s many layers, obstructions and zones and shift them over a bit so they’d be out of the way. Unfortunately, maped cannot quite do that right yet. Instead, I removed as much of the Station 3 parallax layer as I needed to make the Summit free and clear, and hid the new background gap area in station three with a mountain on the upper-right side. Not a bad compromise, I think.

You’re such an egghead, Dex.

Now that all of majestic jujube is in place (excepting some awesome summit-bound steampipe eyecandy I hopefully can get to someday), I started re-implementing the actual gameplay for the zone… starting with our favorite effete master of the dark arts, Dexter! His original speech has been restored, and he rejoins the party just the same as ever. And next time we meet, we’ll end up continuing on with new conceits and complications!

Gruedorf entry 23… complete.

And that’s it. Get the update via SVN here.

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